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Acrylic on Canvas


This original painting was painted on site at the beautiful Eel River in Northern California. I painted this with my feet in the river and with the water from the Eel River. I feel in love with the gigantic Redwoods that grow along a small cliff that is on the opposite side of the Historic Benbow Inn.


The location feels ancient and the Redwoods are so huge and grow up to the edge of a small cliff that is crumbling onto the show. I admit it was a bit scary to be there because many of the trees on the egde of the cliff had there roots exposed and looked as if they would fall with a heavy wind. But it was worth it to capture the dark meeting light and the rushing river flowing towards the horizon line. 


This painting is loose and capture an impression of the colors and light. It has a dreamy feel. 


Painted on gallery wrapped canvas. 

Price includes shipping. 



Majestic Redwoods meet the Eel River

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